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What are plasmas?

Perspectives on Plasmas: Touches on different aspects of plasma from basic principles to history. Comprehensive site listing. Great photos of stars, space plasmas. Excellent for all plasma applications.

PHET Interactive Simulations: The numerous interactive simulations are excellent support for understanding science and math concepts, including motion, waves, radiation charge, etc. Though the supportive materials address many concepts related to plasma fusion, a search resulted in no information defining or explaining plasma, the fourth state of matter, or fusion. This site is produced through University of Colorado Boulder.

Physics Central: Click on "Discover" and you will be directed to a number of plasma related topics, including "electricity and magnetism," or "space and the universe." A source for physicist bios, blogs, podcasts, You Tube clips, comic/coloring books, experiments for students, and more. You can "Ask-a-Physicist" questions. A product of American Physical Society.

Plasmas - the Fourth State of Matter: A section from the CPEP web site comparing natural and man-made plasmas according to temperature and density. Also provides interactive quizzes on various plasmas, such as lightning.

Wikipedia: Plasma (Physics): This site is strictly informational. It has easily understood explanations of the function of plasma and plasma uses. It also provides links to other sites for further explanation of specific details.


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